I know it's been a while since I've hit you up but I've been having some bad troubles with my Ford Festiva.  You'd think that a car with 250,000 miles on it would just be getting going but not so much.  Anyway, I lost my job at the baked bean plant due to some problems with my boss...If you can lean you can clean, my white ass.  So I've had some time to update the site.

The Chump has reformed and is bigger and badder than ever.  We've added a whole lot of songs and a new drummer.  We've even let Travis turn the crank on the ice cream machine from time to time.

We'll be at Diamond's Pub in St Matthews on June 20th.  We'll be going on at 10 and as is always the case now, we'll be rockin' it all night.

Then July 10th we open for the mighty Sebastian Bach at Expo 5 along with Texas Hippie Coalition, Popkiss Chainsaw, and Left Hand Twist.  That one oughta be a barn burner so bring a fire extinguisher for your crotchal area.

July 25th, we'll be at Uptown Bar in sunny New Albany, IN and playing all night again.  

We have some other great stuff coming up so stay tuned both here and on our Facebook page.  Have a fried bologna sammich for me.  Hell use TWO pieces of bologna.



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